Pontic Dance Camp

Last weekend I was fortunate to attend World Camp in Iroquois Springs, NY. What fabulous fun. I learned so much. It was my first time at World Camp and I felt very welcomed. There was live music by Edessa (Balkan border music) from Berkeley. Dancers attended from Montreal, Toronto, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Austin, San Francisco…  Made some new friends and had quality time with some old ones.

I set up a table to sell my bespoke dance shoes and took several orders!!!!!

This video is one of the Pontic dances and is led by Kyriakos Moisidis of Thessaloniki. I had no idea before about this ethnographic distinction of Pontic dances but I like it.

B’s shoes

I have just heard from Benita in DC. She received her shoes and they fit perfectly!!!! Whew!!! This is always a concern so I’m very pleased with this success. Always good news.