Wizard Shoes

pagan shoes

It couldn’t be more fitting that the Wizard shoes are complete in October. Excited to ship them to my brother tomorrow. These are the largest shoes I’ve made to date, they’re nearly size 14. I broke the derby line rule for the bat-wing design. He’s going to have to open the laces a lot to get his foot in but for the effect I think it’s worth it.

The Journey of Little Red

the well-traveled sole press

This adorable little red, sole press made the last leg of it’s journey to me here in Asheville  last month. Over a year ago my dear friend from Austin, Jim, found this little sweetie at a Massachusetts flea market. The vendor lives in Nashville and planned to be at Canton, Texas, for First Monday and agreed to bring it to Texas. Jim and his wife picked up Little Red in Canton and brought it back to Austin, where I was planning to be last Thanksgiving to visit friends and attend folk dance camp. In October I got a job so was unable to make the trip to Austin. Last month, my very good friends, Ron and Monica (the MoRon’s), brought this well-traveled little gem to me in Asheville on the first leg of their trip to New England for the summer. Thank you to everyone who participated in getting Little Red to me here in Asheville. I just love it. It’s so cute.

Zapatos de Flamenco

I’m pleased to announce that I got a partial run of lasts in this cool toe shape. These lasts are asymmetrical in the front, following the shape of the toes, which makes so much sense from a comfort standpoint. I have never been able to find this shape before but these lasts found me! I’m delighted to have this style available in so many sizes.

Sarah’s spectators

My first student completed her spectators this week. Sarah is a fantastic student and wonderful wise woman. It was great working with her. Who’s next? Shoe school is open for business.

Mary Janes

I sent this pair of dance shoes off to a client in Boynton Beach who I met at World Camp. I got to practice “springing” on the vamp since the upper crosses the vamp point.


Pontic Dance Camp

Last weekend I was fortunate to attend World Camp in Iroquois Springs, NY. What fabulous fun. I learned so much. It was my first time at World Camp and I felt very welcomed. There was live music by Edessa (Balkan border music) from Berkeley. Dancers attended from Montreal, Toronto, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Austin, San Francisco…  Made some new friends and had quality time with some old ones.

I set up a table to sell my bespoke dance shoes and took several orders!!!!!

This video is one of the Pontic dances and is led by Kyriakos Moisidis of Thessaloniki. I had no idea before about this ethnographic distinction of Pontic dances but I like it.

B’s shoes

I have just heard from Benita in DC. She received her shoes and they fit perfectly!!!! Whew!!! This is always a concern so I’m very pleased with this success. Always good news.

Big Score

A while back I got a most appreciated tip about some shoemaking tools at an antique store. I bought one that day for I wasn’t sure how to use them. Fortunately at Footwear Symposium I saw a finishing demonstration by Marcell Mrsan where I learned to use the burnishers. I went back to the antique store a few days ago and bought seven more, pictured in the first shot. I posted to Shoemaking Forum and they all said “buy them all”. I went back today and bought this second set. I wish I could buy them all! I did meet the seller of these tools today. She was a harness maker in Upstate New York and bought these tools in the ’80s. Most of these tools were quite old at that time.