The Journey of Little Red

the well-traveled sole press

This adorable little red, sole press made the last leg of it’s journey to me here in Asheville¬† last month. Over a year ago my dear friend from Austin, Jim, found this little sweetie at a Massachusetts flea market. The vendor lives in Nashville and planned to be at Canton, Texas, for First Monday and agreed to bring it to Texas. Jim and his wife picked up Little Red in Canton and brought it back to Austin, where I was planning to be last Thanksgiving to visit friends and attend folk dance camp. In October I got a job so was unable to make the trip to Austin. Last month, my very good friends, Ron and Monica (the MoRon’s), brought this well-traveled little gem to me in Asheville on the first leg of their trip to New England for the summer. Thank you to everyone who participated in getting Little Red to me here in Asheville. I just love it. It’s so cute.

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